FAE 間恒·國際設計 



FAE is an abbreviation of English letters of Field and Eternal. “Field” means time, space, distance, angle, and thinking, and represents our thinking towards space, and speculation of subtle sense between man and space and environment; “Eternal” is a kind of attitude, and respect of city, space, and among people. A good design is a process of solving a series of comprehensive problems. We do it in a persistent way. We are committed to serving and guiding people to form higher quality lifestyle by taking space as a carrier.

Guangzhou FAE International Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is a professional design team that is committed to integrating and refining people’s internal demands and spatial language and cultural connotation, and focuses on delivering high quality spatial design and planning & consulting services. FAE International Design places emphasis on starting with the overall planning of a project and comprehensively mastering and coordinating project design, with a view to providing customers with integrated design thoughts on environmental design of buildings, interior design, furnishing and accessory design, lighting design, and VIS visual system design.



PinLi Construction is a wholly owned brand of FAE International Design. “Pin” stands for quality, appreciation, merit, and taste, and represents outstanding requirements on design structure and quality of spatial realization; “Li” represents a kind of attitude, and means that we will turn out masterpiece projects with craftsmanship in the principle of professionalism, high quality, and strict requirements.

PinLi is committed to providing professional design implementation planning, and construction management services, architectural technical R&D and consulting services. We hope to achieve good spatial quality and values by giving full play to our years’ experience in large-sized projects and taking advantage of our best resources, most professional management technologies, and most specialized design techniques.